HMO Construction Ltd

Having supervised the construction of over 300 HMO Properties since 2011 we have decided to supplement our existing approved building companies by bringing together our best, most long serving sub-contractors to work directly within HMO Construction LTD.

This addition will be project managed and controlled in exactly the same manner as the rest of our organisation. This will mean that in future and depending on the particular circumstances of the project the work will be carried out by either our existing contractors or it would be brought in house and completed directly by HMO Construction LTD.

 It will, however, offer us the extra workforce in the key areas and at key times during the building process. Therefore, guaranteeing the right skills are available throughout your job no matter the size, or the intricacy of the project.

The design team will also be working direct for the company and is being extended to provide much more input in the final interior design of each unit whilst the construction team will be in place to ensure the highest quality and that as the company grows, we will continue to meet all targets and completion dates.

The staff within the company are trained to the highest level in all forms of regulation, from the small three-bedroom HMOs to the fully licenced multi regulated 5,6- and 7-bedroom units.

We will also be looking at much bigger projects that could encompass buildings with much greater level of occupancy.

The key areas such as gas, electricity, security, technology, safety are top of our priority list, and we have recruited extra specialist personal in all these areas ready for this new addition to our group.