What is co-living?

This is a movement, a new way of living for some and one that has been proven popular and is evolving. It provides community and connection, something we all need and deserve.

Co-living is not new in the UK, but as more developments are in the planning across the country and the world, the co-living lifestyle is here to stay.

Adult dorms, as they are also known in America, are so popular they have a waiting list! Manchester in the Northwest already have many well established co-living developments and the council have reportedly given the green light for more, including right next to Piccadilly station in the heart of the city. Many major cities in the UK have plans for co-living developments.

A simpler way to live

Co-living buildings provide a less stressed lifestyle in comparison to traditional renting. There’s no landlord to deal with, no handyman to have to find, there’s one included because it’s all-inclusive. There are no agents’ fees and no hidden extras. You can simply move straight into bright, comfortable and stylish accommodation with little else to consider other than enjoying the company of your friends or getting to know the other residents better and becoming friends.

These co-living spaces provide ensuite rooms and often a spare external communal bathroom, a large communal living area and a kitchen which are sometimes combined to make one large multi-functional communal space for all the house share residents. Everything is included in the rent, so there are no bills to pay and all the usual mundane tasks of sorting out suppliers and dealing with the council do not exist which is why co-living developments are now so popular across the UK and worldwide.

A family of friends

Moving home for the first time often comes at a big cost, financial and emotional. Purchasing all the new things for a flat can be expensive and while leaving home can feel exciting, it can often come with feelings of uncertainty and vulnerability. Co-living spaces provide all the necessities for living there, from beds to cheese graters, so there’s no need to payout. When leaving home to move into a shared living development, you join a ready-made community of people and therefore minimise any concerns. Professionals and students alike can find a home and security living in a multi-let property and use it as a launchpad to start their life.

Not just for young adults

While this type of residential living does appeal to the young professional market and those just embarking on their career, many mid-life professionals can also see the appeal, especially if they have experienced loneliness or have had enough of dealing with the landlord one too many times and want everything under one roof for a simpler lifestyle.

The sense of community and belonging is appealing for any age adult wanting to live in a high-quality houseshare, especially when the co-living developments are in excellent locations near to major employment areas, universities, hospitals with good travel links and local retail too.

Are house shares a good idea?

The plus side to smaller coliving developments with only 4 or 5 bedrooms is the private rooms tend to be a comfortable size and are far more spacious than the rooms you can expect to find in a large tower block style multi-let development. If more breathing space is important to you and a smaller community appeals, then a house share is certainly a good idea. Would you try co-living?

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